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Compact LaserLab 76cm - 30 in
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 Compact LaserLab 76cm - 30 image
The Compact LaserLab 76 has been created to unite in one machine large formats and professional quality. The consolidated experience of LaserLab 30 and LaserLab 50 is a reliable presentation for this digital integrated lab, with a maximum output of 762x1250mm, and includes a 50m/h paper processor.

Compact LaserLab 76cm - 30" key features

The word compromise does not exist at Polielettronica, the maximum in terms of quality and productivity are the only possible targets. Just for this the LasrLab is equipped with a solid state RGB laser unit, it is the only exposure system which allows the maximum in term of colour depth, colour separation, tone continuity and maximum details in the Highlights and Shadows. The Polielettronica 16bit/colour graphic processor guarantees the complete transfer of information from image to paper. The Laser alignment system and the optical transfer, through a single fiber optic developed at Polielettronica, guarantees the maximum quality of each of the 285,750,000 pixels needed to expose a 76x125cm. All this in 30 seconds!
  • The paper is cut and positioned into the drum.
  • The exposure unit starts to move on the air cushion and the mirror rotates to reflect every point on the paper.
  • The laser unit converts the image data coming from the computer into a laser beam, then transfers it to the drum via fiber optic.
  • The exposed paper is delivered to the paper processor, at the same time a new exposure begins from point 1.
  • Up to 35 square meters per hour of processed paper. 37 prints 76x125cm (30x49")
  • Complete color profiling
  • Resolution: 305/254dpi
  • Exposes at maximum size in 30 seconds!
  • Wide range of graphic file types supported as input
  • Ready for network printing (from file) with a 1Gbit connection

A Flexible Software for a Complete Machine
Packages? You can!

The software (included) contains a powerful tool for the generation of packages. Once generated, a package can be applied to the autoprint. Thus, printing a package requires the same effort as a single image. Clanders, Greeting Cards and Frames: the same package tool is able to create calendars, greeting cards and framed photos. It also includes the ability to insert customized text and logos on every image processed. Its extreme flexibility allows the generation of any kind of job necessary to satisfy your customers.


The easy and friendly interface of ImageLab allows a quick setup of the LaserLab, both during installation and in daily use. A novice operator can be introduced easily to the use of this equipment, while an expert LaserLab user needs no further information. Automatic Calibration: LaserLab is calibrated automatically thanks to the software and densitometer (both included). A new type of paper never set up before can be automatically calibrated without manual corrections.

Profiles and Colour Management

The Polielettronica LaserLab has a complete colour management module. The LaserLab can convert the assgined profile to the output profile of the printer, or ignore both. If necessary, it`s possible to assign a default profile to images incoming from system without colour management, while images with colour profile while be treated normally. The preview system, calculated from the monitor and paper profiles, is always active. All options are easily programmable as to be repeated on every processed image.

Index Print

The Polielettronica ImageLab software automatically generates indexes on all orders. Thumbnail size, logo, image name and order can be customized.

Exposure Section
  • Laser: R - G - B Solid State
  • Definition: 305/254dpi
  • Calibration and Exposure Data Processing: 16 bit/colour
  • Optional: up to 1016dpi
  • Drum Exposure System: guarantees maximum quality for each pixel (focus - overlapping - shape) on all exposed surface.
  • Pure Black & White Kit: On request.
Print size: From 203x305mm to 762x1250mm, From 8x12" to 30x49"

Paper Widths: Contiguous from 127mm (5") to 508mm (20")


Printer: Table, UPS, paper box, densitometer (for calibration), paper box, paper processor, replenishment unit.

  • Software: Windows XP 64, ImageLab v5, antivirus, other utilities
  • Digital Media Inputs/Outputs: DVD/CD reader, Floppy
  • Input/Output Flow and Connections: 1Gbit network adapter, USB2 ports (up to 6 ports, front or back panel), IEEE 1394 ports.
  • Processor: Intel (minimum 3,2GHz)
  • Memory: 2 Gigabyte
  • Storage: 2x Serial ATA 150 HDD 73Gb in Mirror (RAID 1)
  • Case: High heat dissipation system
  • Monitor: High Quality 18" EIZO monitor with calibration software installed.
  • Network: HUB 3COM 1Gbit (10-100-1000) 5 ports, 1 x 15m UTP cable
Paper Processor
  • Full controll from the ImageLab v5 software, with windows for status and settings, and active status bar.
  • Three settings channels (Normal, Transparent, Custom).
  • Automatic low power mode enabled after processing the last print.
  • Quick change from waterless to water processing.
  • Custom control for temperatures, replenishment rates and speed for compatibility with many RA processes.
  • Independent temperature controls for Developer, Bleach and Dryer.
  • Calculation and control for evaporation.
  • The replenishment (3x20 liters) and overflow (3x20 liters) tanks can easily be connected to centralized replenishment systems.
Tank volume (liters)
50 m/h


Everything that`s needed to operate the Compact LaserLab 76 is included: the ImageLab v4 software, the densitometer and the computer. Here you will find several extras that can simplify the various operations of professional photographic production.

Air Compressor

The exposure unit of the LaserLab must be fed dry and filtered compressed air. If this cannot be done with the equipment in your laboratory, Polielettronica can supply an oil-free, microfiltered, dehumidified air compressing unit.

Automatic Correction Library

Designed to complete the LaserLab`s great capabilities, this automatic tool can enhance the quality of images. It is able to correct digital images in colour, density, contrast, saturation and lights/shadows compensation.

Back Writing System

The Writing System prints, on the back of each print, informations such as: image name, date, time, and/or a custom string. It operates only for transport lengths over 150mm.

Extra Paper Box

The LaserLab can recognize up to 8 paper boxes, each with a custom setting. On inserting a paper box, the settings and calibrations it is associated with are loaded automatically, greatly saving time.

Power requirements:

Printer: AC 220V/240V (50/60Hz) monophase (peak use 3KW)
Paper Processor: AC 220V/380V (50/60Hz) mono or triple phase (peak use 7KW)

21" LCD Monitor

For the highest quality of colour preview.

Floorplan and Dimensions (mm)

Compact LaserLab 76cm - 30 image

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