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Rho 750 UV Flatbed Printer
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durst Rho 750 image

The new Durst Rho 750 modular inkjets. The world`s most versatile UV flatbed printers The high level of modularity of the new Durst Rho 750 printers makes them the most flexible UV flatbeds in the market. They are the first machines to have three main levels of upgradability relating to productivity – Basic, Presto and HS (capable of up to 180 m2 per hour). The increased output is achieved by increasing the number of printheads, thus maintaining the exceptional image quality.

Rho 750 UV Flatbed Printer

Key features and specifications

durst Rho 750 image

Engineered by Durst for performance, reliability and affordability, the key benefits and innovations include:

  • Latest Durst Quadro 30D array printhead technology with silicon nozzle plate and MEMS technology, ensures the highest image quality even for solid colours
  • Prints roll media and additional colours without any speed loss
  • Durst superior build quality with segmented bionic carriage shaft and magnetic linear drive system for longevity and reliability
  • Modularity of key features ensures the best solution to a customer`s needs
  • 100% VOC free Rho UV Inks for the broadest range of board and roll media
  • Prints 205 cm width by any length of material
  • Continuous printing process maximises productivity (no pauses for masking found in a table system)
  • Mechanical front stops, enabling parallel printing of boards side by side
Designed for high quality, industrial performance and able to be tailored to specific business requirements, including being able to be upgraded in the field, the Rho 750 will provide a business with a competitiveness that will be maintained as the business grows.


Widest range of options including

Ink variety:
Special colours including high density white and special effect varnish and Process Colour Addition (PCA). Two process colour options, either orange and green or orange and violet, provide perfect rendition of even difficult corporate colours e.g. more than double amount of Pantone colours in the red and blue gamut area can be matched with a Delta E <5.

Material flexibility:
Printing of roll media including heavy roll option without any speed loss. Special features for printing heavy (up to 70 kg on the belt) and/or thick boards (up to 7cm). Corrugated print option including fully automated loading and unloading of media

Three levels of speed upgrade for a productivity of up to 180 m2/hour

durst Rho 900 image Additional process colours extend the colour gamut as shown above

General specifications
Dimensions: Width: 540 cm (215 in.) Length with roll tables: 460 cm (181 in.) Length with feeder stacker: 540 cm (215 in.) Length without roll tables or feeder stacker: 190 cm (75 in.) Height: 195 cm (77 in.)

Weight: Approx. 3.300 kg (7.300 lb)

Safety standards: Complies with currently valid guidelines

Printing specifications

Printing system: Patented Durst flatbed system with Quadro® Array 30D technology for the finest quality and the highest speed

Resolution: 600 dpi

Colours: CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Process Colour Addition (PCA) Orange and Violet or Orange and Green, White, Clear Varnish for special effects

Inks: UV-resistant pigment inks for interior and exte- rior applications.

Ink supply: Integrated ink tanks with 10 litre capacity per ink, refillable during the printing process. The refill inks are in 5 litre non-returnable containers, easily disposed of in collapsed condition, thus avoiding pollution to the machine and the environment.

Software/RIP: Durst Rho Linux software for very fast processing with minimum storage capacity on the hard disk. External Caldera RIP Server (GrandRip+)
Media specifications
  • Rho 750 Basic: up to 50 m2 per hour on full width at continuous production.
  • Rho 750 Presto: up to 100 m2 per hour on full width at continuous production.
  • Rho 750 HS: up to 180 m2 per hour on full width at continuous production.

Media types: Wide range of uncoated and coated materials – also textured surfaces such as hard foam sheets, soft foam sheets, aluminium, acrylic glass, polycarbonate sheets etc.

Maximum printing width: 205 cm (80 in.)

Maximum printing length: Only restricted by media length

Maximium thickness: Standard: 40 mm (1.58 in.) Industrial Version: 70 mm (2,75 in.)
Maximum media weight on belt: Standard: up to 50 kg Industrial Version: up to 70 kg

Smallest sheet size: Manual operation: DIN-A3-29.7 x 42cm (12 x 17 in.) Automated: 1100 mm width x 740 mm length (44 x 30 in.)

Registration of materials: Materials are registered at the leading edge by means of fibre optic sensors or alternatively by mechanical front stops (option). An encoder measures the transport sequences, ensuring utmost precision in image alignment.

Location requirements Space requirement: min. 8 x 6 m (26 x 20 ft.)

Maximum height: 2.400m (8.000ft) above sea level

Temperature range: +15 °C to +30 °C (+59°F to 86°F) non-condensing

Relative air humidity: 25 - 80%, non-condensing
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