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Frontier 770 Digital Lab System
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 Fuji Frontier 770 Digital Lab System

A new threshold in high-speed production - "Prints in Minutes" service Fujifilm`s Digital Minilab Frontier 770 represents a quantum leap in customer retail services. Instead of one-hour service or same-day service, now your customers hand over their film or digital media and receive their finished prints minutes later. Frontier 770 also delivers the highest image quality ever from a Frontier minilab, with advanced image enhancement and improved print resolution. Your lab can look forward to seeing more satisfied customers, as the Frontier`s new features create expanded opportunities for your business.

Frontier 770 Digital Lab System


Features Of Frontier 770 Digital Lab System

  • Processing capacity of approximately 2,120 prints/hour (4R size)

  • Wide range of print sizes up to 12 x 36 inches printed to Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper

  • Auto Set-Up function enables a streamlined pre-operation workflow. When system temperature reaches a pre-programmed level, the system generates a calibration printout and automaticity adjusts system parameters for optimum print quality

  • Utilizes Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper and CP49E rapid processing chemical system featuring hassle free cartridges

  • Small footprint of the LP7700 (approx. 14.4 square feet) and three sided maintenance make it ideal for space conscious labs

  • Digital exposure using solid state lasers and advanced image processing using Fujifilm`s Image Intelligence Technology allows for high quality prints

  • Up to four paper magazines can be configured (factory option)


Type Floor standing, daylight operation laser printer, paper processor, cutter and sorter
Exposure system Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers
Paper magazines Dual magazine type (Triple magazine type and quad magazine type are factory options.)
Paper Optimal performance from Fuji Crystal Archive Type II papers
Paper widths 3.5", 4", 4.5", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"
Back printing One 40 or 80 character line of backprint information
Index print Color index print and normal prints can be printed from APS and 135 color negative film in one pass (RGB laser exposure)
Print sorter SU700AR, sorting capacity of 7 orders C/H/P mixed format prints
Printer condition setup Semi-automatic calibration by built in calibrator
Processor carriage Single-line, sheet carriage
Processing time Dry to dry time of 1 minute, 27 seconds (requires Type II paper)
Power Requirements AC 200-240V (50/60 Hz), single phase 16A
Dimensions 26.9" W x 54.5" L x 66.1" H
Weight Approximately 882 pounds operational weight
Footprint Approximately 17 ft2 to 23ft2
Processor capacity Optimal performance from Fuji Crystal Archive Type II papers
  • 3R: 2210
  • 4*6: 2040
  • 5*7: 1380
  • 8*10: 620
  • 10*12: 510
  • 11*14: 380
  • 12*18: 300
  • 12*36: 150
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