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LP7200 Digital Printer Processor
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 Fuji LP7200

The Frontier LP7200 is a compact model that can be easily installed in various locations, due to high-resolution output of 300 x 600dpi, high-quality images are printed with life-like color tones. The Frontier LP7200 is capable to produces up to 1040 4R prints per hour, it is an ideal a prefect choice for busy digital labs.

Frontier LP7200

Frontier LP7200 Specifications


Processing capacity

(actual production)

135 negative film (24-exp.)
Print sizes
Paper widths
Print capacity (Processed by SP-500)
Approx. 900 prints/hr
Approx. 800 prints/hr
Media print
Print sizes
Paper widths
Print capacity (Digital still camera with 4.0 million pixels ) *with highspec PC
Approx. 1200 prints/hr
Approx. 1040 prints/hr
Print size
82.5 x 117mm – 210 x 610mm (Max. 210 x 914.4mm with option)
Processing chemicals
Chemical system CP-49E
Footprint space
Approx. 1.30m2

LP7200: Floor type, normal light operation (laser printer, processor, cutter, sorter in one unit)

Exposure system
LP7200-LP7900:Scanning exposure system using RGB laser, 300 x 600dpi
Paper magazines
LP7200: Two built-in paper magazines (standard), three built-in paper magazines (factory optional)
FUJICOLOR Crystal Archive Paper (silver-halide)
Paper widths
8.9cm, 10.2cm, 11.7cm, 12.7cm, 20.3cm, 15.2cm, 20.3cm, 21.0cm
Back printing
Double 40-character lines in backside print
Printer sorter
10-order sorter or 12-order sorter (selectable)
Print condition set-up

LP7200: Automatic calibration by built-in calibrator *Requires iBeam set-up using a flatbed scanner LP7200-LP7900: Automatic calibration by built-in calibrator

Processor carriage
Double-line, sheet carriage
Processing time (Dry to dry)
1 min. 47 sec.
Power requirements
AC 200 – 240V (50/60Hz) Single-phase 18A, Three-phase three-wire 13A, Three-phase four-wire 9A, Approx. 4.0 KVA

W1,957.8 x D867 x H1,335mm

Weight (during actual operation)
Approx. 318.4kg (Approx. 373kg)


Features Of Fuji Frontier LP7200 Digital Dry minilab

Compatible with four/three built-in magazines (factory option)

Up to four built-in paper magazines can be loaded.* Suitable for print orders with various sizes as well as large orders of a uniform size. Supports efficient print production by minimizing the number of times necessary to change the paper magazines. * Up to three built-in paper magazines can be loaded in the LP 7000/7100/7200.

Fuji Frontier LP7200

36-inch length print capacity

Fuji Frontier LP7200

LP 7500/7600/7700/7900 incorporate a standard 36-inch (914.4mm) maximum length print capacity, which is optional for LP 7100/7200. Now shops can offer new value-added prints to customers.

Auto Set-Up


Fuji Frontier LP7200   Fuji Frontier LP7200
Built-in densitometer Automatic control strips running check unit (optional)


With the auto set-up function, pre-operation work has been streamlined. When temperature control of a processing unit is completed at a pre-programmed time, Frontier automatically generates a calibration printout, transmits the data to the densitometer, and implements necessary measurements and adjustments. Also, by using the automatic control strips running check unit (optional), it can automatically process a control strip.

Print Interrupt (10-/12-/14-/17-order sorters)

This function allows you to interrupt large-volume order print orders in progress to execute a higher priority express print order. Sorters for regular orders and express orders are displayed in different colors.

Fuji Frontier LP7200

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper

Fuji Frontier LP7200

Strongly recommended as the optimum color print paper for the Frontier series, Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper paper offers faster results along with superior print quality.

CP-49E rapid processing chemical system

Adoption of the CP-49E rapid processing chemical system enables chemicals to be replaced at the touch of a button.

Fuji Frontier LP7200

Laser Engine

Fuji Frontier LP7200

Due to high-resolution output of 300 x 600dpi, high-quality images are printed with life-like color tones.

Image Intelligence

Incorporated Image IntelligenceTM automatically compensates for problematic conditions, such as, poor lighting, backlighting, high contrast, underexposure or overexposure. Image IntelligenceTM also makes skin tones more natural and facial expressions more distinct. Processing time is reduced because photo image correction is automatic at the same time ensuring attractive, customer-pleasing prints.

Fuji Frontier LP7200

Fuji Frontier LP7200

Skin smoothing and Skin color adjustment

Fuji Frontier LP7200   Fuji Frontier LP7200
Reproduces skin tones with a smooth, beautiful texture Suitable for portraits and other uses Adjusts skin color only without changing the color of clothing or background

Skin color adjustments and smoothing of skin tones that formerly required manual retouching can be processed easily. These automated image-processing capabilities enable shops to improve productivity and to efficiently provide high value-added prints.

Outstanding Scalability

Fuji Frontier LP7200

"MS" outstanding scalability can handle various output devices, including multiple networked Frontier units as dye diffusion thermal transfer printers and wide format inkjet printers.

LP7200 LP7600 image
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