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Rho 161 TS Roll to Roll UV Inkjet-Printer for Traffic Sign Applications
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durst Rho 161 TS image
Durst introduces the new, compact high speed direct digital UV printing system for long-lasting traffic sign production, designed for manufacturers of traffic signs. The Rho 161 TS is a further development of the Rho 160R printer and is escpecially developed for printing directly onto 3M High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting HIP 3930 and 3M Diamond Grade Cubed Sheeting DG3 4090 media types and offers exceptional productivity, quality and flexibility. Designed for the use of 3M UV Ink Series 8800, the Rho 161 TS can print Traffic Signs, with a durability of up to 12 years MCS warranty, while meeting key requirements in terms of retro-reflectivity and color boxes and reducing significantly cycle time and production workflow steps.

Rho 161TS key features


  • Direct Digital UV Inkjet-Printing System for producing long lasting Highway Traffic signs & general traffic signs
  • Printer designed for printing onto 3M High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting HIP 3930 and 3M Diamond Grade Cubed Sheeting DG3 4090 media types
  • Meeting the European Traffic standards, 3M CRYK inks are specifically developed to match the traffic sign color boxes.
  • 12 year 3M MCS warranty (durability, reflectivity, traffic colors) are provided when using 3M UV Ink Series 8800
  • Reduced operating steps and higher flexibility with digital production workflow.
  • Excellent print quality with a resolutuion of 400/600 dpi (addressable)
  • High output speed – up to 65 m2/hr (700 sq ft/hr) in 2 Pass Mode at 400 dpi
  • Easy Operation with Durst Rho 161 TS proprietary user software based on Linux
  • High reliability and 24/7 unattended printing
  • ast media changing with minimum media waste
  • Maximum printing width 157,5 cm (62 in.)
  • Maximum printing length – limited by the roll length

durst Rho 161 TS image

durst Rho 161 TS image

durst Rho 161 TS image
durst Rho 161 TS image
durst Rho 161 TS image
durst Rho 162 TS image
Quadro Array Technology
Durst`s own revolutionary Quadro Array printhead technology achieves the combination of the highest productivity with the finest image quality and is featured in all the Durst Rho UV inkjets.The technology is based on Spectra inkjets. There are four slots in a single heated jet plate in an array configuration. This provides a total of 512 nozzles wich are supplied with continual ink flow. This makes it possible to achieve the greatest drop density yet recorded in the smallest amount of space, and at the same time to eliminate the tolerances between the jet heads. The drops are set at precisely defined points.Printing quality is further improved by Durst`s own electronic system which controls the size and shape of the drops. This means that the printing of very small text (as small as 6pt), is comparable to that achieved with conventional offset printing. With precision drop setting electronics, at either 400 or 600 dpi resolution, the customer no longer has to make the choice between the best quality and a high rate of printing speed. Quadro array technology makes the Rho inkjets both high-quality and fast, without compromise. Finally, Quadro Array Technology, with its constant control of drop geometry, also makes it possible to print full-area, critical colours without variation.

Technical Data
General specifications Power supply:

120/208 VAC ± 10 %, 3 phase, 3 wi, 60 Hz, or 230/400 VAC ± 10 %, 3 phase + N/50 Hz

Power consumption:
Maximum: 13 KVA; average: 7 KVA Max. amperage per phase: 208 VAC: 32 amp 230/400 VAC: 17 amp

Width: approx. 505 cm (199 in.) Length: approx. 201 cm (79 in.) Height: approx. 212 cm (83 in.)

Space requirement:
Approx. 7 x 5 m ( 23 x 16 ft.)

approx. 2000 kg (4400 lb)

Safety standards:
Complies with currently valid guidelinesFront-end workstation:
HP Linux Worstation

Operating system:
Pre-installed RedHat Enterprise Linux WS EM64T

HP TFT Monitor

Network Interface:
Ethernet 100/1000 Mbit

Front-end workstation:
HP Linux Worstation

Operating system:
Pre-installed RedHat Enterprise Linux WS EM64T
Printing specifications Printing system:

Patented Durst Roll to Roll trans- port system with Quadro® Array- Technology

400/600 dpi (adressable) 800/1200 dpi (apparent)
3M 1170 overlay film

Rho 161 TS: CRYK

3M UV 8800 Inks, designed to match the traffic sign colors

Ink supply:
Continuous ink supply with 10-litre ink reservoirs, refillable during operation for large print processes. Refill ink in 5-litre non-returnable containers, easy disposal in collapsed condition, avoiding pollution to the machine and the environment.

Durst Rho User software based on Linux. RIP Workstation with Caldera GrandRIP+

Productivity: Rho 161 TS-16: Up to: 65 m2/h (700 sq.ft./h) in 2 Pass Mode at 400 dpi

HP TFT Monitor

Network Interface:
Ethernet 100/1000 Mbit
Printing specifications Media types:

3M High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting HIP 3930 3M Diamond Grade Cubed Sheeting DG3 4090
3M Engineer Grade 3290I Sheeting

Maximum printing width:
Up to 1575 mm (62 in.) with border and no edge to edge option.

Max media weight:
Limited only by maximum outer diameter of supply roll and/or max. weight.
  • Lower position 1: approx. 35 cm up to 200 kg (445 lb.) with pneumatic axle for media feeding and take-up unit Pneu 76, 74 to 82 mm (2.9 to 3.2 in.)
  • Upper position: approx. 25 cm (9.8 in.) up to 35 kg (77 lb.)
Max. medium thickness:
0.15 mm up to 2.5 mm

Medium cutoff:
Approx. 40 cm (16 in.) at the leading edge

Media cutting:
Mechanical guide for manual cutting of the roll

Location requirements Maximum height:
2,400 m (8,000 ft) above sea level

Temperature range:
+15 °C to +30 °C (+59°F to 86°F), non-condensing

Relative air humidity:
25 - 80 %, non-condensing
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